Meet the Photographer

I'm Kate! I'm a professional boutique natural light photographer based in Boerne and San Antonio, Texas. When I’m not behind the camera I’m spending time with my husband and 3 beautiful girls, repurposing and giving new life to old furniture, and a trying to find the perfect book LATTE!

What I really love is being able to create a tangible story through my lens - a snapshot in time. My passion and your involvement will help me connect with YOU; capturing your special moment, listening to your unique story and being able to preserve these forever incredible memories so that these chapters of life can be proudly displayed in your home and physically shared with friends, family, children, and grandchildren. Together, we tell stories of newborns and their first 48 beautiful hours; couples who love the little details and fearless adventures; graduates with dreams that are just beginning; big and small families and their children - the best gift ever received (yes, kids you will understand one day). But, most of all I love sharing these moments with you; welcoming me into your own world as if we have known each other for a lifetime or we are starting at chapter one.

If you have any questions or what to get to know me more please click the link below. I would love to help tell YOUR story today!

As of 2018 we now offer in studio sessions. It all started when my husband and I realized that we could get more use out of our “formal” dining room than a once-a-year gathering. We packed up our farm table, installed a beautiful white shiplap wall and hung samples of our work for everyone to see! The studio has a huge window that provides tons of beautiful natural light, a changing area for our newborns, and examples of how you might want to display your memories from our session together. I can also do gallery reveals here—don’t hesitate to ask! I think you will enjoy it as much as we do and I hope to see you soon!

It all started out with these 3. Meet my rock and my littles! A few years ago, and after a lot of support and encouragement from Chad, I decided photographing other people's lives and the joy it brought to everyone was what I was meant to do! Chad and I met years ago at Texas Tech University, GUNS UP!! Is it weird to say we miss Lubbock?! I guess that's the Texas in me :D Fast forward 3 moves (it took a few cities to get Chad to move out to the hill country) and 3 kids later here we are! Our 3 beautiful daughters are a joy and have quite the personalities - sometimes too much! You will likely meet Chad. He is usually onsite and helps carry everything (he calls himself the pack mule) so we can focus on whats important - YOU! He also leads my reveals and ordering sessions. Trust me, you are in great hands! We are all now happily living in Boerne, members of Oak Hills Church, have 2 spoiled pets, Callie and Jack, and are completely obsessed with exploring everything about the hill country - being foodies gets us around to most of the little towns and cities close by, HA!